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The HSRA™ Vision

HSRA™ exists to provide expert training, knowledge, and support to Home Stagers and ReDesigners throughout the world, ensuring top service and results to our clients and business partners

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Why join HSRA™?

Digitally Connected

Helping the modern day Home Stager stay connected


7+ Designations for Continuing Education for Specialty Staging


Numerous events scheduled throughout the US

Results Focused

All HSRA™ videos, tips, and business training are streamlined to help Home Stagers get top results

Stager Founded

HSRA™ is an association founded by a Home Stager who currently has an active Home Staging Business

Tools and Resources

Whether you are a new Home Stager or seasoned Home Stager, HSRA™ has the tools to help you succeed

Are you ready to take it to the next level?

“HSRA is awesome and powerful! It’s one of the best groups I’m involved in as a Home Stager. Being involved has given my business a new perspective and taken it to a higher level I never thought it could get to. They helped me with getting a warehouse, a team, etc.; their knowledge is something they can give to your business. They are always there to answer any question. It really just helps with everything, so I’m really just thankful for all of you at HSRA!”

Joseph S. | Systematic Home Staging, LLC

“Meeting with HSRA just over a year ago changed my business overnight. They taught me to work for my business, and not in my business, which I had been doing for so long. Now I’m out there networking, teaching continuing education classes to Realtors, and going to real estate agencies to talk with them about Staging. I was fortunate enough to hire four new part-time Stagers who are awesome and help me run my business even when I am out. I had to be out of the office, unexpectedly, for an emergency for two weeks; that month was our best month ever, with 57 Staging consultations! My business would have fallen apart if I had not had my systems in place and the girls in place to help me get the job done. HSRA is really out there to help you and advise you in any way possible to help you grow your business.”

Andrea L. | DeZign To Sell

“The best bang for my professional buck is the ongoing learning experience I get with my HSRA membership. Jana and the HSRA team exude caring professionalism, they lead with expert and out-of-the-box training and have a genuine desire to help Stagers grow their businesses. This leadership and training program will lead the way in the staging industry, not only in the North America, but all over the world.”

Sue K. | Sue Kauffman and Company

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