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Certified Home Preparation Advisor


Increase Sales

After completing the CHPA™ Course, you have the tools to effectively convey the proper and effective way to prepare their properties for the market.


Adds Credibility

For Realtors by Realtors

By obtaining an HSRA™ designation, like the CHPA™, you are adding credibility to yourself in an unlicensed industry.

CHPA™ Instructors are experienced Real Estate Agents who provide fresh and relevant Home Staging training.

This educational course is for Realtors desiring the best tools to guide their clients through effective home preparation and home selling process. 

Ready to Lead your Clients in the Property Selling Process?

Realtor Meeting

The CHPA Designation provides effective property preparation guidance for your seller’s today's market and keeps you above your competition.

  • This is an online course

  • You can go at your own pace

  • Your investment is $499

  • You will be an official Certified Home Preparation Advisor


Topics Covered:

  • Educating Your Clients about the 4 P’s

  • Identifying Challenges & Overcoming Objections

  • The Property Preparation Game Plan

  • Home Staging Must Know Concepts & Principles

  • The Proof is in the Results

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