From Gritty to Pretty | StageRight with Board Member, Carole Morgan

From Gritty to Pretty | StageRight with Board Member, Carole Morgan

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From Gritty to Pretty with StageRight!

Carole Morgan | HSRA Board of Advisor

Owner of StageRight Home Staging & Redesign | Richland, Michigan


Early in the fall of 2017 I received a phone call from an individual asking me about my Staging services.  It was a very vague call but one thing stood out: this will be a highly visible staging. After talking I was told I may be called back.  It wasn’t long and I was invited to look at a flip that was going to be featured on a pilot for a reality television program. Geez, this is Kalamazoo, Michigan and I was a lot more than shocked but very excited and eager to begin jumping through the proverbial hoops.  

First there was the signing of the non-disclosure agreement, a very common part of the process.  Most companies require you to sign a non-disclosure. Not a big deal for me. I also had the Stagers sign one as well the crew leader for the movers.  We were on our way.

Next was the site visit, where we met the principal, Jeremy Cole, who was the contractor and a local flipper and rental property owner.  Jeremy was very warm, inviting and walked us through the property which was not close to being “done”. Next we met the show runner, the producer, the project manager and the trade’s people.  Everyone was very friendly but more importantly on their task. The show runner, producer and the principal and I reviewed my work, which was a little different than the look they were looking for. The showrunner helped me out by forwarding me some information regarding all the finishes for the property so I could deliver the HGTV look.  We set a Staging date but they wanted to have a second date just in case the first staging needed changing/tweaking. Oh dear, no pressure.

Carla researched some possible looks; I put together a color story and built a beginning Stage in our warehouse. We all convened at the warehouse and finalized our first choice for the Staging. We were Staging a living, eating area, kitchen, bathroom and one of the tiniest bedrooms I have ever seen.  Once we completed the Stage in or warehouse, each Stager took an area that they were responsible for. I wanted to include everyone. We all had an assignment and we were on a roll.

Staging day came and we were done in less than two hours, which amazed everyone. The principal, Jeremy Cole, was blown away. He loved what we did. Now for the showrunner and the producer, because the Stage can look great but it has to film well. We were notified that day that there was no need for a second day to Stage; the producer and showrunner loved it. The project manager said he was shocked at how efficient we were and was surprised there were so many people involved. The crew didn’t know we had a second Stage all set to go if needed.  

Next is the wait, because you can’t say anything until the program is picked up for pilot.  So five months later we were notified that the pilot would air February 10, at 8:00pm, on the DIY Network. The program was named “Gritty to Pretty.” A reveal party was formed by Jeremy and the filmographer/producer, Stanley Stepps. We were included and it was so much fun.   

We were treated so amazingly well by everyone that participating in this “making of a reality television program” that it could not have been a better experience. Now we’re waiting to see if the program goes to series. Our heartfelt thanks go to Jeremy, his crew, Stanley, Arcadius Productions (Gary Bredow), the amazing showrunner, Larry Hochberg, who gave phenomenal direction and design insight and Tom Riddle the project manager.   

StageRight Home Staging had the time of their lives, we love what we do®.

If you Stage in the Southeast Region,  you don’t want to miss our Southeast Home Staging Success Seminar in Tampa! 

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