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Where Preparation Pays Off

Join us in stepping forward to the Growth Development Program™. This program is a 90-day program. You will reach maximum performance in your Home Staging and ReDesign Business IF you push through and give your 100% to this program. 


- Danni Kaplan -

Training Camp


In the first 30 days of the GDP, you will experience the fundamentals of your businesses. The proper foundation is key to having a strong, successful, company. With a rocky or cracked foundation, a house will not stand in it's proper form. This is the same for your company. Whether you are a new Stager or a seasoned one, getting your fundamentals in check is crucial for your company. Next step is Ramp Camp...

Ramp Camp

60 Days to

In the final 60 days of the GDP, you will experience the key elements of starting and growing a strong well oiled machine team that can run without you. Having the proper team members in place plays the 2nd part to having a strong, successful company.  Knowing your place as well as others in the company can be the big turning point of success. Whether you have a team or it is only you, the business owner, Ramp Camp will get you on the path to your dream team.

Growth Phase

A lifetime of enhanced PERFORMANCE

Congratulations! You have now completed the 90 Day Growth Development Program. You now have everything you need in check to continue to grow your Home Staging company. In the Growth Phase, you will be added to a private group to continue on the never-ending growth journey. HSRA is here to provide you the best of the best continuing education for your business growth and development. 

What is GDP?

Using a Computer


90 Day Program

  • You will be learning, sharing, and growing together.

  • You will have accountability with the HSRA™ Staff & each other.

  • You will go through a 3 level program to include basic training, the ramp cycle, & growth with a training a month to achieve maximum performance.

  • You will be plugged into a system built for maximum growth with the use of tech tools, video training, accountability, reporting metrics, and profit benchmarks.


Want additional bonuses?

XL Growth Membership

Whether you are a current member wanting to upgrade and take GDP, or you are not a current member, join XL Growth Membership which includes:

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 2.09.16 PM.png

Is this program right for you?

  • Are you ready to build a business that grows beyond itself?

  • Are you not afraid to go behind the curtains with others and identify pitfalls in your business?

  • Are you ready to stretch the profitability and reduce the mistakes and mishaps that can be avoided?

  • Are you willing to have real accountability in your business and life?

  • Are you ready to dedicate time each week to work on your business and leadership? 

  • Are you a current HSRA Member?

If you answer yes to all of these, it's time to apply! We will assess your application and help determine if this extensive program is right for you and your business at this time.

"This GDP™ has been one of the highlights of 2020.  It is a phenomenal program. The time and energy put forth by the HSRA staff for this program bears the heart and soul of HSRA leaders.  Whether a business owner is new or has been in the staging business for years, this program will guide and enhance and enables us to re-think our day-to-day.  Every step directed by GDP™ will lead us all to a more profitable business and fulfilling experience.  Thank you Jana and the incredible HSRA team."

- Sue Kauffman | Owner of SKC Staging


"The HSRA™ Training Camp was the push I needed to truly begin improving how I run my business. As a smaller sized company with only a couple part time employees, I am often too busy working in my business and not on it. Training Camp provided focused assignments so I could identifying what needs to be improved and tweaked as we grow. I am so glad I committed to this program and am excited to continue on to Ramp Camp"

- Adrienne Edgell | Owner of My Nest is the Best


This training camp is exactly what I have been looking for so many years. With our industry being a creative business I believe it’s hard to know all the in’s & out’s of the business side. Starting from the beginning this would have been the greatest information needed to start your business the right way from the start. I now know exactly what I need to do to keep my business growing, how to continue to create revenue, and how to grow a team that will last and love the company they work for. Creating policies and procedures for your company and having the appropriate business plans will help your company have great success. This program has dramatically helped me look more into the business side more without so much fear and has easy modules to help you do anything your business needs on your own time. This is the best investment at anytime in your business but particularly when you start as it will help you make the right decisions from the beginning. Whether you’ve been in business or just starting this training camp will have the best tools your company needs to succeed. 
- Heather Good | Owner of Attractive Interiors 


"Although I had completed most of these modules in the past by myself, the fact that there were assignments to each made me really consider how to actually implement them in our company.  We've managed to plan a series of strategic planning meetings for Marné and I to schedule deadlines of when we will be implementing many of these vital, yet foundational aspects, in order to set us up for the next level of success in our business.  I wonder if we'd learned these things and been mentored in them, from the beginning, where our business would be today.  We've spent 8 years learning all the self-taught ways to do this business slowly and steadily, but now is the time for us to ratchet it up and grow to our full potential."
- Sharon du Plessis  | Owner of Metamorpheus Designs 


The first 30 days are over and I have survived! Training camp was wild and wonderful, intense, scary at times (yes, you have to make a video of yourself), challenging and so inspiring!

I am Marné Coetzer of Metamorpheus Design Services and embarking on this journey with my business partner Sharon du Plessis and HSRA leadership is one of the best decisions we have made for our company. Training camp provided me with valuable information and skills to help my partner and I move forward in our business. It forced us to really dissect our business and to be brutally honest about where the business is at the moment and what we need to do to take it to the next level!

We all know when you first start the business you wear all the hats  and there are no time to pay attention to policies and procedures that are so critical to ensure the future growth of your business. Training camp helped us to not only focus on those aspects but actually implement that!

And that is one of the biggest take aways from this first phase of the program. I need to be accountable, not only to myself but to the business, my partner and our team. No excuses anymore! Do it now!

But for me personally, the most valuable part is the support and encouragement from my fellow Squad 5 Team members. It has been a blessing sharing this experience with like minded, passionate people with a love for this crazy industry we are in, and I am excited for taking on the next phase with them.

Thank you Jana, Laurie, Jill and Dana for helping me to become the best version of me, in my business as well as my personal life!

- Marné Coetzer  | Owner of Metamorpheus Designs 

GDP is very comprehensive for the business owner, particularly one without any structured or corporate experience. For those that HAVE a corporate background, it's a good temperature check and will identify need areas around systematizing and standardizing your business for growth, scalability or future sale. 

It will be an eye-opening experience for stagers who have given very little thought or effort around the true back-end business side of the business, and who don't really have any idea HOW to grow. 

It gives you SO much more than what any training class would ever provide and is incredibly valuable as a result. 

- Leigh Newport | Owner of Staged by Design

I enjoyed the first 30 days. I found a basket full of items I didn't think about. So this will be the year to build a firm foundation with the help of GDP.. I'm so grateful to hear about this program. I feel I will have a guide through this maze. I thank you Thank you!! ❤️

- Pamela Wogenstahl | Wogenstahl Designs

I loved it all. The accountability, the modules, and the delivery of content. A great way to stay focused on what truly matters, and a step by step that is easy to go back to and delve in at a later time- too much to catch up on at once, over here ;)

- Ilana Weismark | Ooh La La Home Staging 

The GDP program has been invaluable to review, assess, revise every aspect of my business to really get it structured for growth.  During the first 4 weeks of training camp it felt like being shot with a firehose with all the information and learning resources!  However, over the past 4 weeks and a lot of hard work, I feel like I have more clarity, direction, and confidence to be ready for the next phase of Ramp. I am so grateful to be part of the first Squad to go through this amazing program.  Thank you HSRA!!!!

- Kim Dombrowski | Impressive Home Staging

GDP is like a mini MBA. Starting out, this would help the frustrations, let’s you win way quicker!

- Danni Kaplan | Everything Creative Designs

Wow! Where do I begin?? As I write this testimony, I want to preface by saying that this testimony will do this program NO JUSTICE!! The one word to describe this program is PRICELESS. Like seriously. The amount of knowledge gained in this program is unheard of. Like who and where do you think you’re gonna get the blueprint. The DNA to someone’s business?? I will admit that it gets hard to follow and implement simultaneously. Don’t do that because you will fall behind FAST! Instead what I learned after riding the struggle bus was to simply pave myself, not get overwhelmed with ALL of the content and knowledge day today. Write the notes, save the resources in organized folders and implement them later bit by bit. 

You’re here and apart of this alliance (HSRA) because you’ve realized that your staging business is missing something. Or you may think that you have it figured out and client contracts are coming left and right. That’s the thing... this GDP has something for both sides of the spectrum. Processes and procedures are the backbones of any company’s success.

 The ramp phase of GDP was like taking my company’s processes through a cleanse. Jana’s videos in the daily modules made me feel like she was in my head and knew my very specific pain points. I am literally able to create an entire two-week training for my staff from the modules and resources given during this phase. I feel rejuvenated, recharged and ready for action following this program. Nothing is censored. The amount of candidness shared and information exchanged, has made me feel powerful. GDP was simply my missing link to my business. 

Lastly, I’ll say this. I am now severing 4 celebrity clients on million-dollar redesigns, my website is now being completely rebuilt to include critical information I never realized I needed, I hired 3 stagers, and a client Coordinator, our name is soon changing with a new logo to reach a broader audience, and I am receiving a PAYCHECK simply by pivoting my business to a whole new level as a result of GDP. *drops mic*

- Tamra Peters | Designs by Tamra

This has been an amazing journey! 90 days of intensive education involving you and your team. This is a gamechanger and I highly recommend it. This is a next-level program and will elevate you and your business.

- Barbara Heil-Sonneck | Design2Sell 

This program saved our business this year.  With covid 19, I personally was having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.  But Jana told me about this amazing program and I was in.  First, we spent 4 weeks really focusing on the structure and exec side of the business.  Then we brought our team members into the program.  It was tons of work but I can't say enough for how we have grown.  Our team has made Tuesday Tip videos that will take us to the end of this year for Social Media.  We have a Social Media Calendar now. Our logistics team figured out by moving 2 parts of our warehouse around that it would save "X" amount of dollars for the 7 years of our lease.  It becomes your team training forever...  We now have an emergency evacuation program w/ pictures of our floor plan and the exit routes as well as where are all the fire extinguishers.  In addition, we have training on how to use a fire extinguisher.  We are continuing to work on our Standard Ops/Employee Handbook.  Updated our Business Plan to 2020 versus the last time I had looked at it was 2014. We now have the end of day reports...  and a way to track those calls coming in versus the proposals/sales going out.  Blessed beyond belief that we have gone through this and will continue on Growth w HSRA.  This is a must for all staging businesses to go through.  Thank you HSRA for giving us the opportunity to be a part of SQUAD 1

- Mary Scalli | Simple Elegance

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