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HSRA Designations

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Home Staging and ReDesign, unlike other professions, is unregulated. No licenses are required to practice it. Quite unlike the doctor, lawyer, architect, and others that serve us who must take a state or national licensure exam, designed to test their mastery of the skill, before they can legally offer their services to the public. As a Home Stager, you offer professional services to make client's homes beautiful and highly desirable to buyers, hoping to flip the houses faster and at a higher selling price. Surprisingly, any Home Stager today can say they can do Staging, but it is impossible to know if they can do a good job at all. To keep the quality of work high, some of the industry's best and most experienced Home Stagers, which, the Home Staging and ReDesign Alliance (HSRA) is one, designed short but focused course studies on the business of Home Staging. The courses are called Designations. These are online, self-paced courses that teach the best practices and principles of Home Staging. There are five levels of Designation, each with specific courseware, the Professional Staging Associate, Luxury Staging Specialist, Professional Staging Consultant, Certified Home Staging Advisor, and Professional Staging Expert. Visit for complete details of these Designations.

HSRA provides continuous expert training, knowledge, and support to Home Stagers and ReDesigners. HSRA is led by Jana Uselton, and her team has decades of experience in the industry. Designations are offered to members of HSRA.

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