Sharon Lechter Keynote at 2022 Home Staging and Real Estate Summit

Updated: Apr 28

The Home Staging and ReDesign Alliance (HSRA) seeks out only the Best of the Best keynote speakers for its events. At the 2022 Home Staging and Real Estate Summit, we are excited for Sharon Lechter to take the stage and speak to us about achieving infinite possibilities in life; through gaining financial literacy, building investments, and creating personal wealth.

Sharon is a CPA and an incredibly prolific writer. She has co-authored with Robert Kobayashi, all 14 books of the international bestseller series, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the powerful teachings of Napoleon Hill in the acclaimed Think and Grow Rich, Three Feet from Gold, Outwitting the Devil, and Think and Grow Rich for Women. Sharon is a highly sought-after mentor and has worked with iconic brands like Disney and Time Warner and served in advisory roles for two U.S. Presidents. We look forward to hearing her testimony and sharing her expertise and experience with the HSRA community on November 11-12 at The Irving Convention Center in Dallas, Tx.

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